Anonymous Caucasus Declares #OpPayBackForSotchi2014 – A Cyber Campaign against the Russian Government

Written by Tanya Koyfman

On December 27, 2013, a hacker group calling itself Anonymous Caucasus (or the “Electronic Army of the Caucasus Emirate”) posted a video message addressed to the Russian government on its website and Facebook page.

In the clip, which was first published in Russian, the group spoke against holding the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games on occupied Circassian lands, where the genocide of the Ubykh people was carried out by Tsarist Russia. The group has threatened the Russian Government and promised to launch a large-scale cyber-attack against it, “should Russian activities in Sochi not cease”. On December 30, this message was posted again, this time in English.

Anonymous Caucasus describes itself as representing all peoples of the Caucasus against the enemy of Islam – Russia. All web platforms of the group – its website, Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube channel – were established in September 2013, and since then, the group claims to have waged several cyber-attacks. The largest of these was in October 2013, where a series of DDoS attacks were launched against five Russian banks.

Two weeks ago, Anonymous Caucasus hacked the website, a pro-Russian site that disseminates content against Caucasian rebels. Aside from the group’s official platforms, its messages are also posted on the anti-Russian Caucasian rebels’ website –

Screenshot of the group's official website
Screenshot of the group’s official website

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