Insights from the CyberTech 2014 Conference

It’s time to say congratulations – SenseCy was officially launched this week at the CyberTech 2014 Conference!

Our Website is online and registration to our News Feed and Intelligence Feeds is open; Visit us at

We had the pleasure of exhibiting at this conference, which brought together over 8,000 visitors from nearly 50 countries, and was sponsored by all the industry’s leading vendors. The event also hosted about 50 start-up companies and provided them with a platform to share their innovative products with would-be investors (as one foreign visitor told me – this was the highest concentration of IT Sec per square meter he has ever witnessed, and I tend to agree). We were even lucky enough to have our co-founder and VP Cyber Solutions Mr. Assaf Keren invited to speak at the main assembly about the recent breach of the IDF security systems.

Here are a few of my insights from this event:

  • The industry is trying to find next-generation solutions; almost every booth featured the word “New”, “Innovative” or “Next-Gen”. Other than the usual marketing hype, I perceive this as a genuine effort to try and create better, more holistic solutions, which stems from the realization that current solutions are lacking.
  • Creativity – this is especially true for the start-up scene, where dozens of start-ups are focusing on addressing problems in innovative ways, and creating solutions for problems that did not exist a year or two ago. It is too early to say which of these technologies will prevail, but looking at the recent funding some of these companies have received, it is a safe bet they will bring their products to the market very soon.
  • Need for PPP – the need for PPP (or Private Public Partnership, or at least collaboration) initiatives was never clearer than it is when discussing cybersecurity. It is blatantly obvious that governments cannot provide security for the business sector, but, throughout collaboration, they can assist this sector in being better prepared to mitigate evolving threats (through information sharing and joint development).
  • Need for intelligence – almost every speaker highlighted the need for better, timely intelligence. It is simply not possible anymore to rely on static defense without being aware of what the adversaries are planning and developing.

The one issue I found concerning was that this event (and many others like it, although for the most part participation was free of charge) was very much industry-inclusive, with insufficient public exposure and participation. Certainly, non-IT folks care  little about new malware detection tools, but they should care a great deal about the dangers that point-of-sale (POS) malware generate and should at least try to become more educated about these threats. Perhaps there is a need for other types of events where the general public feels more welcome to come and learn, and the industry should definitely embrace and promote this notion.

All in all, a great event and especially joyous for us here at SenseCy!

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