Information Sharing between Hackers

Written by Hila Marudi

Arab hacker groups often share cyber information. From time to time, Arab hackers even upload self-written guide books or translate them from other languages. They post them on closed Facebook groups or password-protected forums, reaching a sizeable audience and thus improving the technological capabilities of potential attackers.

By way of example, we traced a series of guide books in Arabic for SQL injection attacks written by an Egyptian hacker nicknamed “Black Rose”. He shared them with his Facebook friends and on closed Arabic forums associated with hacking.

The Table of Contents
The Table of Contents

One of his guides, published in late 2013, addresses different ways to overcome obstacles in SQL injections. It is written mostly in Arabic, with technical terms in English. The instructions are accompanied by various screen shots to illustrate everything as clearly as possible.

Screenshot from the book
Screenshot from the book

We have noticed these kinds of books and instruction guides on different hacker group platforms, as well as personal ones. Although the level of the technical content is mediocre, over the last six months we have discerned an improvement in the hacking capabilities of hacktivist groups.

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