Gaza’s Electronic Battalion

There are many hacker groups with an anti-Israeli agenda that express their empathy with Gaza, for example the Gaza Hacker Team, Anonymous Gaza or the Electronic Battalion of Gaza (Katibat Gaza el-Electroniyya, or KGE).

On September 28, 2013, the anniversary of the “al-Aqsa Intifada”, the KGE launched the “al-Aqsa Electronic Intifada” on their Facebook page. They uploaded an official video to YouTube inviting hackers from all over the world to attack Israel, proposing official and financial websites as targets. Many hackers showed their support via social networks and several news websites reported on the upcoming attack. They did not manage to hack any important target, although the group uploaded images from an Israeli database, claiming that they belonged to Israeli soldiers.

KGE invites hackers to join al-Aqsa electronic Intifada
KGE invites hackers to join al-Aqsa electronic Intifada

The KGE has different platforms, such as a Facebook page, YouTube channel, Pastebin account, Google+ and a website (currently offline). According to their Facebook group page, they have over 600 members and supporters. One of them is Nasser Isam (nicknamed Neso), a hacker from Gaza who administers one of the group’s pages on Facebook.

Neso Isam's Facebook page
Neso Isam’s Facebook page

We found an image on Facebook of a tool called “KGE Doser”. This may indicate that the group has the ability to develop hacking tools. The group has not mentioned new targets recently, although they have promised to wage cyber attacks in the near future. Who knows when we will hear from them again?

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