Hackers are World Cup Fans

On May 12, 2014, an AnonGhost member and developer of the new AnonGhost DDoS tool, nicknamed Ali KM, created an event page on Facebook announcing a cyber-campaign against FIFA websites. #OpFIFA will take place between June 10 and 12, 2014.

It is worth mentioning that already in January 2014, hacktivists had created event pages on Facebook threatening to carry out cyberattacks against websites affiliated with the Brazilian Government (hosting the games) and FIFA.

According to Ali KM, the main reason for the #OpFIFA campaign is what they consider FIFA’s humiliating attitude towards Muslim teams. Thus far, approximately 100 Facebook users have joined the event and over 1,000 users have been invited.

Ali KM has promised that if the participants wage successful DDoS attacks against FIFA websites, he will provide them with free HD live streaming from his own servers during the World Cup games.

#OpFIFA Event Page on Facebook
#OpFIFA Event Page on Facebook

In a related matter, according to cyber security researchers, hackers use FIFA World Cup games to spread different malware. For example, a new backdoor was discovered in a file called Jsc Sport Live + Brazil World Cup 2014 HD.rar. The archive contains an executable file that creates a remote access, allowing hackers to gain full control of the victim’s computer. Hackers also spread a claimed key generator for cracking football games that actually run an adware on the victim’s computer.

World Cup games are also a useful platform for phishing attempts, such as the one spotted last year, claiming to provide a promotional offer for FIFA World Cup 2014, but which actually tried to steal credit card credentials and personal details of the victims. Security researchers recommend ignoring such links and files and keeping antivirus updated.

Have a great and malware-free World Cup!

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