The IoT Threat – Infographic

2016 made IoT one of the hottest topics across the cyber security industry as Internet-connected devices became a major tool for DDoS attacks. Researchers expect that the role of IoT will only grow in the coming years. Although very recent, the first signs for this new threat vector were visible over the past two years, with malicious actors engaging in IoT exploitability and attacks utilizing these devices. In fact, IoT botnets are not new. In 2015, for example, the source code of Bashlite, another IoT botnet, was leaked online. Furthermore, the devices themselves, including CCTVs, routers, and DVR were connected to the Internet long before 2016. However, the movement of these devices under one umbrella of IoT and the rapid growth in this field, combined with the interest they aroused in a variety of circles, has had a major effect on hacking communities.

We have prepared an infographic to demonstrate a timeline of the growing interest in the world of IoT, along with high profile and relevant events. Any ideas or add-ons? We appreciate your comments.

The following is an excerpt from the 2016 SenseCy Annual Cyber Threat Intelligence Report. To receive your complimentary report, please send a request to

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