#OpIcarus Cyber Campaign – Round 5

Hacktivists recently launched the fifth phase of the #OpIcarus cyber campaign (also dubbed #OpSacred) against the financial sector around the world. This campaign was first launched in February 2016, and as in previous phases, the official target list contains mainly websites of central banks around the world. In addition, the initiators share links to download known DDoS tools, such as TorsHammer or XerXes.


The official event page states that this phase will take place between June 7 and 21, 2017 (to date, 71 Facebook users approved their participation). However, participants have already claimed responsibility for allegedly shutting down several websites of central banks around the world.


The second phase of #OpIcarus campaign, which took place during May 2016, was the most popular among hacktivists that carried out DDoS attacks (some even successful, according to news reports) targeting websites of financial institutions around the world. Additional phases launched afterward did not manage to gain the same level of popularity or achievements.

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