SenseCy is a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) provider based in Israel.

SenseCy enables continuous monitoring and early identification of cyber threats through a unique methodology called Virtual HUMINT™ coupled with strong dedicated technology.

Specializing in the collection and analysis of cyber threats from any type of Web-source, such as social networks and the Dark Web, SenseCy enables business enterprises and public organizations to identify and mitigate risks to critical assets, as well as ensure ongoing operation.

Our services include threat alerts, cyber feeds, information-leak detection, intelligence reports and much more. All services can be customized or “Off-the-Shelf”.

Our analysts offer linguistic expertise – Russian, Persian, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish and other languages; wide coverage of WEBINT and Deep-Web sources; In-house malware lab; and much more.

All posts on this blog are intelligence items that were identified, collected and analyzed by our analysts and can serve as examples of our team’s capabilities.

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